35 Yard Ballast Carts

35 Yard Ballast Cart

35 Yard Ballast Cart

Hytracker 35 Yard Ballast Carts

Hytracker Manufacturing builds a 35 Yard Ballast Cart designed for distributing and spreading ballast. It can be towed at speeds up to 25 mph. It has brakes on all wheels, life points and chains included. The 35 Yard Ballast Cart has the same wheels, hubs, and brakes as the Hytracker Tow Carts, Ditching Gondolas, and the same steer group axel as what is on the End-Load Rail Carts.

The Ballast Cart can be towed from either end. It is a gas powered unit that runs the hydraulics, it has on board charging for under side and overhead work lights. The Ballast Cart also has cameras on each end and both sides as a option. The travel and brake lights are standard. Not only does it have an electric start engine but it also has a 25 Lt fuel tank and a hydraulic oil cooler. Once the gas powered engine is started you can control all six gates individually, the vibrator and the spreader bars by wireless remote from the cab of the excavator or by the person on the ground. The unit also has manual valves on the unit itself.

Hytracker 35 Yard Ballast Cart Features:

  • Transport and distribute ballast
  • Spreads ballast quickly
  • Controls where & quantity of ballast being dumped
  • Works well with under cutter crews

Ballast Cart

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