Railway Maintenance and Mobilization Equipment

Product summary

Mobilization equipment for railroads and railroad contractors since 1981. They are designed to meet the needs of railways as a team effort including input from many customers in the railroad industry. Each unit we produce has the capability of modification to meet the customer’s needs.

Excavators require a Hytracker conversion to power Rail Carts (Power Carts).

Please Contact Hytracker for availability for your excavator.

Hytracker equipment painted yellow custom colors are available upon request. Hytracker equipment comes with a one year warranty against manufacturers defects.

Side-Load Rail Carts

Side-Load Rail Cart & Excavator

Hytracker Side-Load Rail Carts (60,000 lbs. capacity) are designed for the 20 ton class excavators, using the excavator to power the Rail Cart.

End-Load Rail Carts

End-Load Rail Cart

Hytracker End-Load Rail Carts (60,000 lbs. capacity & 95,000 lbs. capacity) are designed for 20 & 30 ton class excavators to power the Rail Cart using the excavator.

Ditching Gondolas

Ditching Gondola

Hytracker’s Ditching Gondolas are designed to work with our Rail Carts to move material; everything from mud, ballast, rock, ties and ones with removable end sections can move up to 40’ rail and pipe.

Tow Carts (Track Floats)

Tow Cart

Hytracker’s Tow Carts (Track Floats) are designed to work with our Rail Carts to move equipment and material. Available in different sizes 50,000–135,000 lbs. capacity, with the option of custom sizes available.

Low-Bed Rail Equipment Movers

Low-bed Rail Equipment Mover

Hytracker’s Low-Bed Rail Equipment Movers are self-propelled and can move 50–60 tons of equipment and materials to remote work sites at speeds up to 25 mph.

35 Yard Ballast Carts

35 Yard Ballast Cart

Hytracker’s 35 Yard Ballast Carts are designed to distribute ballast where you want it remotely from the cab of the excavator on the Rail Cart that is pushing or towing it.

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