Tow Carts (Track Floats)

Tow Cart

Tow Cart

Hytracker Tow Carts / Track Floats

Hytracker Manufacturing builds various size and capacity Tow Carts, from 8’ 6” to 9’ 6” wide plus the option of 8’ swing outs on each side of the deck. Hytracker Tow Carts have usable deck lengths of 20’ to 28’. 50,000 to 135,000 lbs capacity. Some have self contained hydraulic ramps and stabilizers for loading. All wheels have fail safe brakes. Matched with the correct size excavator on a Hytracker Rail Cart. A Tow Cart can be towed on the rail, loaded on and off the rail and transport trailers with the excavator. It can be towed at speeds of up to 25 mph.

* Custom sizes and weight capacities are available upon request.

Hytracker Tow Cart / Track Float Features:

  • Can be towed by Hytracker Rail Carts up to 25 mph.
  • Can move equipment and supplies in and out of remote job sites
  • Can move equipment in to sites for emergency work
  • Can move panels, concrete trucks and drills
  • Comes with lift chains and lift points

Tow Cart — August 7, 2019


Tow Carts 100,000 lb capacity being towed by 95,000 lb Capacity End Loads


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